Here I try to answer common questions and concerns about jewelry, the materials used, shipping policies, and more.  If you have a question and you don't see an answer below, please use our contact page to reach out to me.

Questions about the Jewelry

How can you have bronze-colored copper wire?

The wire I use is typically copper core, which means that the copper wire is later coated with something like a colored finish, plated with another metal, or enameled.  In the case of my vintage bronze jewelry, that copper core was coated with a bronze finish before being enameled.  That outer enamel layer offers protection by preventing tarnishing.  It is a great choice for those with skin sensitives or those who otherwise experience (and dislike) green skin while wearing raw copper jewelry.

Why does my skin sometimes turn green when I wear copper jewelry?

Copper, like many metals, will interact with the world around it.  Over time and with exposure to things like air, water, acids, and salts, the outer most layer of the copper will start to oxidize or tarnish.  Depending on what is causing this process, the tarnish may appear black or even green.  As the jewelry rubs against your skin, some of that tarnish wears off on your body.  How fast or how much this happens will depend on a lot of factors including the acidity of your skin, how much you sweat, and even what lotions, soaps, or makeup you may wear.

Don't worry - the tarnish won't hurt you and in most cases will disappear overnight.  If you don't want it to happen, wear a piece of clothing between your skin and the piece of jewelry or use clear nail polish or some other clear sealer to coat the part of the jewelry that contacts the skin.  Alternatively, you can be sure to only buy pieces of jewelry made with enameled metals.

Does your jewelry require any special care?

Most of my jewelry is made of enameled wire, which means that it won't tarnish with age unless that enamel is worn off for some reason.  To help prevent that from happening, be sure to store the jewelry out of direct sunlight, remove the jewelry before entering the water, and be gentle with it. 

Those pieces that are made of raw copper (copper with no enamel) will be clearly labeled as such and may require occasional polishing depending on your taste.  Some may prefer the darker look as it continues to tarnish and others may prefer the bright shine of highly polished copper.  If you want to prevent future tarnishing, you can always apply a clear sealer to the jewelry, but always test in a small, inconspicuous area first (like on the back of the pendant) in case you don't like the effect it gives to the piece.

Do you take custom orders?

At the moment, I am not taking online custom orders.  I will post an announcement on the website and through the newsletter when that changes.

How strong is the jewelry?

Copper is an incredible material to work with while doing wire wrapping because it is so malleable.  As I wrap, weave, curl, and coil, the metal will harden in a process called work-hardening.  It can also be hammered to work-harden the wire and help it keep its form.  Unfortunately, not all aspects of the jewelry are hardened to equal degrees and there may be certain loops, bends, and other parts that can be deformed.
Please don't put them in your purse, pocket, or set anything heavy on them.  Minor bends can be sometimes worked out with your finger by using gentle pressure, but major dents or bends will ruin the piece.  I cannot accept returns or issue refunds for even accidental damage to the piece. 

How big are the pendants?

I have listed the sizes (approximate to within 1/8 of an inch) in both inches and centimeters.  When considering a piece, grab a measuring tape to get an accurate idea of the size.  Often people will buy something, get it, and be upset because it is smaller or larger than expected.  When it doubt, measure it out.
Also be sure to check the weight.  Some of my pieces are almost weightless and others are far heavier.  If you happen to have a kitchen scale handy, you can use something like rice to measure out the approximate weight.

Why doesn't the pendant I bought look like the one in the picture?

I try to show the color as true to real life as possible, but monitors and screens may represent color differently depending on their settings.  This means that what you see on your screen may not be exactly the same shade as you see in person.  Some colors may appear bolder or more muted, others may be lighter or darker, and so on.
Color can also be affected by your surroundings.  The same stone may look different indoors than outdoors or while standing near a window or standing near a painted wall.  To help with this, I've taken pictures with a few different colored backgrounds with the hope that it gives you a better idea of what kind of colors to expect.  Please click through all of the pictures to get the best idea of what color stones and beads I've used.

Does the pendant come with a chain?

All of my pendants currently come with a waxed cotton cord necklace of 18 inches with lobster clasp.  The wax will wear off with use and the cord will appear lighter and more fuzzy though it shouldn't affect the strength in any significant way.  As I expand, I plan to offer more options and will post the new additions on the website.


Shipping Questions

When can I expect my jewelry to arrive?

We are a family business which means we do our best to fulfill orders in a timely fashion.  Most orders will be processed and shipped within 2-3 days (we are closed on weekends).  Around the holidays, those processing/shipping times may take longer.

When you receive your confirmation after purchase, you will be offered two options for ways to track your package.

My order was supposed to be here three days ago and it still hasn't arrived.  Now what?

Sometimes packages don't make it within the estimated time, so don't start worrying just yet.  I ask that you wait 5 business days after the delivery window has ended before we proceed.  Sometimes things get sent to Medford, Wisconsin instead of Medford, Oregon, for instance. 

After the 5 business days have passed, I will contact the delivery service to find out if I can locate the package.  If it is truly lost, I will contact you directly to discuss what happens from there.  Please keep in mind that my jewelry is unique, which means that I don't have an identical piece to replace the one that was lost.  Refunds due to lost packages will be issued only after I have received notice from the post office/delivery company that it is officially lost.

Questions about Returns

Do you accept returns?

We do accept returns with certain conditions.  Custom orders cannot be returned or refunded.  Please contact me as soon as possible and I will walk you through our return process and gladly answer any other questions you may have.  Full refunds will not be given until the product has been returned and inspected for damages.  Products will not be refunded unless returned in their original condition.

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