Leather Care

There are two types of leather that we use as Balsambrook: chrome and vegetable (veg) tanned leather.

Chrome Leather

This leather is quickly processed (in a day) at the manufacturing plant and is fully treated before being sold.  This means that the leather is already colored and coated before it is purchased.  Because the process is fast, chrome leather tends to be cheaper and is largely used in a "cut and sew" method which allows for quicker production of a finished wallet or bag.  It has a velvety texture that can be scratched/marked with use, but will not change color or patina with age. 

To care for your chrome leather goods, please remember to keep them dry, keep them out of direct sunlight, and avoid exposing to harsh or abrasive materials.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

This leather is processed over the course of weeks (generally around 4 weeks) and is sold in its raw state.  It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses that can be then dyed to almost any color.  Because of the length of time needed for processing and the amount of additional care required before producing a finished product, veg. tanned leather goods cost more.  The leather oftentimes has to be conditioned by reintroducing oils into the leather to add suppleness before dying, reconditioning once more after dying, edging, and top-coating/sealing.  The finished product can have a satin or gloss finish depending on the type of top-coat used and feels a bit firm/smooth to the touch.  Veg. tanned goods will soften, darken, and patina with age, adding to their beauty over time.

To care for your vegetable tanned leather goods, please remember to keep them dry, keep them out of direct sunlight, and avoid exposing them to harsh or abrasive materials.  A leather conditioner can be applied (per manufacturer's instructions) if the leather begins to stiffen.  If the dye fades, the belt can be stripped down and re-dyed and conditioned to help return it to it's original beauty.  This process can be limited, however, if the leather is a part of something bigger (i.e. a canvas bag) as the process might damage/stain the canvas as well.

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